Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Told You I Was Sick


LONDON (June 21) - Being fired is not just bad news, it could be fatal -- especially if the individual is middle aged, according to a study published on Wednesday.

Among a sample of 4,301 people aged between 51 and 61, the study found the incidence of heart attack and stroke among those who had lost their jobs was more than double that in those still working.

"For many individuals, late career job loss is an exceptionally stressful experience with the potential for provoking numerous undesirable outcomes including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events (heart attacks and strokes)," the researchers wrote in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

"Based on our results, the true costs of unemployment exceed the obvious economic costs and include substantial health consequences as well," wrote the team led by William Gallo of Yale School of Medicine.

Why don't they just name a disease after me and have done with it?


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