Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tristan King 1966 - 2008

From the livejournal Do You Come Here Often? by sometime Scritti Politti keyboardist and Independent columnist Rhodri:

Sad news for fans of niche late-1980s music. Tris King, the drummer of Bogshed, Jackdaw With Crowbar, A Witness and many others, died this week.

Guess my teenage self can now rule out any possibility of highly-unlikely reformations. Sniff.

Vince Hunt of A Witness wrote in response:

I’m very saddened to hear this news and Keith and I would like to pass on our sympathies to Tris's family and friends.

I played many times with Tris when A Witness and Bogshed appeared on the same bill and so I knew how good he was for a long time. When Bogshed finished and we needed a drummer, his name was first on our list, and I was delighted when he agreed to join. I wondered if he might be a bit TOO good, and I can still see him now setting his drums out in the rehearsal space in Liverpool and settling in behind his kit.

Of course, he got all the difficult bits first time and his great flair, sense of timing and feel for arrangement helped lift those final A Witness songs to a higher level.

‘Break On Through’, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ – with its beautifully sparse acoustic mid-section, arranged on the spot in Strawberry – and of course ‘I Love You Mr Disposable Razors’ were all the better for Tris’s contribution.

I was shocked when I heard Tris was ill as he always looked so young. I remember him as a good guy and a great drummer and I'm glad to have known him and had him in our band. I’ll raise a glass to you Tris, and spin that final 12” single one more time.

Vince Hunt, A Witness.


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