Saturday, June 11, 2005

Suck And Blow

The wife's out seeing Graham Parker.

What you may think is odd is that we saw him last week.

But she's up for multiple viewings of her faves, unlike myself who is satisfied with a single pass. What a pass it was, though. If you ever need to argue about how the music industry and the radio dial has failed, Parker is the walking, talking embodiment of that argument.

Even after all these years, there's more passion, wit, and heart in a Parker performance than anyone's I can think of. He's busy pushing a new CD called Songs Of No Consequence and you'd do well to pick it up. If you wondered where all the guts in rock 'n' roll disappeared to, wonder no more.

You'll have to buy it if you want to hear it, though. Radio programmers aren't going to be fighting each other to be the first to air songs like "There's Nothing On The Radio" or lines like "The future looks like toast/We better just burn it."

At least I don't think they will.


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