Monday, September 12, 2005

Where Neurons Fear To Tread!

Finally, if the Bush team initially missed the significance of a city with a majority of black citizens in peril, it may be because he has organized his presidency around a different segment of the population.
- Time Magazine

(Michael) Marcavage ( also noted that "Louisiana had a total of 10 abortion clinics, with half of them operating in New Orleans" - his implication being similar to one made by the group Columbia Christians for Life, which sent out mass e-mail messages comparing the tadpole swirl of clouds in satellite images of Katrina to the chin-tucked profile of a 6-week-old fetus.
- NY Times

Look, I don't know what the details are about this.
- Ann “Koo Koo” Coulter, after being challenged on her defense of Resident Bush’s claim that no one could have “anticipated the breach of the levees.”

In this situation, the pictures, because of the population of New Orleans, the pictures could show only one thing. That is, who lives there, and whoever lived there is who got hurt, whoever lived there, and whether they got out or not. Now, the people that got out, you don't see them on TV because they got out, but the people that didn't get out, you see them on television.
- El Rushbo, giving Gertrude Stein a run for her money


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