Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We're Skipping Brotherly Love This Month

See? This is what I try to tell people.

My town is not the sort of town that allows you to easily forget it. If it ever senses that you've begun to put its most recent misstep behind you, it makes ready another assault on courtesy and common sense.

And so it is that just as you'd come to terms with the Rocky statue being returned to the front of the Art Museum, or gotten the taste of Joey Vento's cheesesteaks out of your mouth...

PHILADELPHIA - The Philadelphia School District is getting some flak over listing "Gay and Lesbian History Month" on its calendars.

Some parents have called and e-mailed the school district, upset that October was listed as "Gay and Lesbian History Month" on school calendars, saying the listing is inappropriate for young children.

District spokeswoman Cecilia Cummings says 200,000 calendars were sent to students' homes, and her office has gotten about three dozen complaints.

She says it's not the first time: "We get calls from people who don't want to see African-American History Month, who don't want to see Women's History Month, who don't want to see Ramadan on a calendar, who don't want to see Rosh Hashanah on a calendar."

Gay and Lesbian History Month was not listed on last year's calendar. Cummings calls this year's calendar "a celebration" of the district's anti-discrimination policy.

She adds that parents who have questions about how to talk to their children about diversity issues can call the district's communications office at 215-400-4040.

And that's not all they can do!


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