Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Was A Big Girl's Blouse: A Memoir Of The War Years

It’s a curious thing, but I’ve noticed it on more than one message board in recent years:

Regardless of what subject the board may be devoted to, there’s always one yahoo who can’t stomach any criticism of George W. Bush or the War in Iraq. The mere suggestion that Bush could be capable of any human failing sends them into a dither that usually results in them releasing a torrent of abuse that far exceeds the original criticism.

During the course of this abuse, the poster then usually expounds on how the “Bush-haters” on the Left only argue with their emotions, while the cool, clear heads represented by our friend the author prefers to argue with facts, such as “Cindy Sheehan should be shot!” and “Liberals should be eaten!”

But the interesting part is how, invariably, these writers always turn out to be draft-age men who, for all of their unwavering support of the War, have decided that they, like Dick Cheney, have “other priorities.”

You ask them why they aren’t over there, since they seem to be so passionate about it. The answers are all different and always the same: they’re at a crucial point in their “career,” they feel they can serve the country better here, Mom said they couldn’t go.

It figures, though. If all of their heroes, the ones who got us into this mess, had decided to serve, where would we be now? Better to conserve the talents and abilities of these brave warriors for later probably.

After all, from what I hear, the enemy’s going to follow us back here. Let’s hope nobody tips them off about their parents’ basements.

We recently passed a sad milestone, by the way, when the War’s 500th amputee returned home.

Because of the many roadside bombs involved in the conflict, losing a limb has become more common in this war then in previous ones.

I was wondering what would happen if, say, for every 100 limbs lost in the conflict, someone in the administration had to donate a replacement.

You know, someone could get Bush’s arm, Condi’s leg, or Cheney’s…

Ah, probably no good replacement parts there at all, come to think of it.

Maybe it would slow down the zeal with which they decide to turn more young men and women into cannon fodder.

We could call it Limbs For Liberty!


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