Thursday, August 28, 2008

Convention Time!

Well, we're halfway through the Democratic Convention and so far it seems to be moving along nicely. Of course, I say that every four years and still can't fathom the mental processes that would result in anyone voting for any kind of Republican anything at any time, any place, anywhere. Why do these people hate America?

Last night was Family Night, devoted to convincing undecided voters that Obama wasn't some sort of Islamic terrorist (do that many of them come from Hawaii?), with Ted Kennedy providing the dramatic high point, while tonight the Democrats delivered a few light love taps along the lines of "McCain's not a maverick; he's a sidekick!" (good one) and "Four more months!"

Hillary did her best to sway her former troops this evening. We'll see how well it worked, although there was this incredibly obnoxious girl on Larry King tonight trying to rationalize why she, a former Hillary booster, still believes Barack Obama needs to "earn her vote." I suppose some children actually would benefit from a spanking.

Still have Bill, Biden and, of course, the next President in the speechifyin' queue this week. Let's hope they hit 'em into the stands, as next week will bring Lake of Fire '08, featuring the Devil and his angels. Beware of that tapping foot in the next stall!

Next week, they'll try to convince you that Mr. Obama lacks many of the qualifications that John McCain possesses. And this is somewhat true.

True, Mr. Obama isn't rubbing elbows with drunken rednecks at topless beauty contests while the media turns its head;

True, Mr. Obama isn't running campaign ads comparing his opponent to The Brothers Grimm, Ish Kabibble and Spongebob Squarepants;

True, Mr. Obama has a terrible habit of inspiring audiences to believe that America can once again be the place we remember, a country that holds itself to the highest standards of ethical behavior in keeping with the belief that we are expected to set an example;

True, Mr. Obama isn't a transparent shill for oil companies, nor is he (along with his campaign manager) responsible for the impending loss of some 8,300 jobs in Ohio;

True, Mr. Obama isn't adept at handing out joke shop tire gauges;

And neither is he willing to drag his reputation through the mud and the muck just in order to win an election.

But even with all of these admitted faults:

I'll probably give him a try anyway.


(above: Palmer Cox's Brownies stage their own convention)


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