Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Now With 24 Hour Web Screaming!

This idea of posting something at least once a day can certainly clean out the old mental closet in a hurry. Of course if you’re really stuck, you can always fall back on the old standby of posting a meta-note about the difficulty of finding something to post about. Sort of like this.

If you ever find yourself in despair about our educational system, this won’t cheer you up: I was watching a new local weatherman the other day and at one point he says about the day’s forecast, “Today was sticky and tomorrow’s going to be…stickier. Is ‘stickier’ a word? Let’s just say it’ll be ‘more sticky’.”

Yes, ‘stickier’ is a word, Virginia. Just like ‘illiterate.” Don't be surprised if the Republicans run this guy in the next election.

The wife sends along the following note:

According to a Swedish study, male excess body weight is linked to loss of memory and other mental impairments in old age. The heavier the man, the greater the likelihood of dementia.

I take her point, but reply:

Dementia's a given, isn't it?

To which she responds:

Well, yes, but how demented do you want to be? Don't answer that.

She knows me too well.


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