Friday, June 17, 2005

Getting On Nicely In The Dark

Yesterday was Bloomsday and rather than sit politely at another reading of Ulysses, I ended up seeing some movies at the local multiplex. Although not explicitly a Joycean homage, I like to think there was something Bloomian about my June 16th.

After all, hadn’t Joyce himself been responsible for bringing the first cinema to Ireland?

And I didn’t stroll around Dublin, but I did sit in the dark with images flashing in front of me, much like Stephen Dedalus on Sandymount Strand. Talk about your ineluctable modality of the visible!

I didn’t relive poor Paddy Dignam’s funeral, but I did attend that of Senator Padme of Naboo.

I didn’t eat a Gorgonzola cheese sandwich, but I did have a Twix and a Nutrageous.

No character I saw disguised his handwriting by using greek e’s, but I did watch someone disguise themselves by dressing up as a bat.

I could make a case for Shark Boy and Lava Girl as Scylla and Charybdis, couldn’t I?

And “Yes I said yes I will yes” sounds like Yoda syntax to me.


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