Monday, July 18, 2005


I would be very surprised if anyone was caught off-guard by last week’s revelations in l’affaire Rove.

If there is anyone out there who is still confused as to how the same folks who genuflect so piously before the altars of Truth, Freedom and The American Way could lie, twist the truth and smear the names of the good, let me explain something.

All you have to remember is that, as far as they’re concerned, they’re engaged in a holy war. As such, any means are justified when applied towards this end. The laws of Man are nuisances to be endured and are to be treated as such in the light of God’s Holy Word.

They’re building a landing strip for the Lord and woe betide any who slow their march towards Armageddon.

Twenty years ago I watched a small mob of them, armed with talking points from the Moral Majority, infiltrate and destroy the community radio station I volunteered at.

They were ugly, inside and out, having long ago dispensed with the humanity that was no doubt nothing but an encumbrance to their elevated, spiritual selves. They were bitter and twisted creatures with the expressions of the brainwashed on their sad and sallow faces.

They studied Robert’s Rules Of Order for possible loopholes through which poison could find purchase. They lied when it suited them and misled as a matter of policy. They worked diligently towards a single-minded goal that would be rewarded in the next life.

By the time they were through, they had dismantled things that had taken years to build. They destroyed other people’s efforts without consultation or conscience. Already dead inside, they resented any signs of life in others and devoted many hours to extinguishing them whenever they were discovered.

When questioned about why they seemed so committed to eliminating everything about the station that people valued, especially greatly reducing the variety of music it was known for offering, the ringleader declared, “We’d rather not play any music at all.” See? We don’t like any music, so you can’t accuse us of targeting anything in particular.

I have to admit that this statement, which has stayed with me for 20 years and which astonishes me now every bit as much as it did then, has come to personify for me the essence of conservative thought. You have a complaint about how we’re destroying part of civilization? Very well.

We’ll destroy all of it.

So none of this is new or surprising to me. I watched them go through these motions at close range and got to see them operate. Nothing’s changed except the surprising progress they’ve made and the frightening amount of power they wield.

So get on board the Jesus train, folks, while there’s still time.

You don’t want to end up on that other train.


Blogger Sngbrds7trumpets said...

As one of about 50 former staffers of "89.3 WCSD....the only one Left on the dial...Boom!" who had felt the knife cut both ways I guess that I have been harboring something lo' these past 20+ years as well: without elevating my own self importance one iota, I still wonder...if yours truly hadn't split after 21 successful months would those same wacky, myopic buggers have messed around with the format?

We'll never know for sure. Best guess is that it might've taken them a bit longer but they would have at least attempted the same end results.

Simply put there had been nothing left for a late 20's youth to accomplish (after resolving an impending 4th bankruptcy over unpaid utility bills) so it seemed time to test the waters of the real world.

Let it be said that G.Bush Jr. isn't the only one left without a proper 'exit strategy.'

Difference is we were volunteers with 200 mono watts o' community power strapped between our legs...

An interesting footnote is that this all happened at a time when 93.3 WMMR wielded the # 1 spot in the Philadelphia (Arbitron & Birch Reports) marketplace (AOR, Album Oriented Rock) our scrappy little radio station actually eked out a very respectable 0.1 rating!

That indisputable fun fact still makes me feel like a cross between Spike Lee's community based DJ in 1989's 'Do The Right Thing', the hapless Johnny Fever character at WKRP (1978-1982) in Cincinnati and Wolfman Jack's true buddy-to-the-youth role on the overnight shift in the 'American Graffiti' (1973) Film all rolled into one.

It changes nothing but really it stands as quite an astonishing feat. The little engine that did.

As disappointing and heartbreaking as the overall outcome had become in loosing a varied and popular 18 hour a day FM radio format I suppose that in the end the Senior Citizens of Bucks and the surrounding county's must have really needed a largely pre-1950 content based format very badly.

Whether they knew it or not.

Two decades later the powers that be are as best as can be gleaned still plotting the same course without fear of financial failure.

Guess that $7,000. from a couple of fundraisers went a long way after all.

Truth be told I would've just invested it right back into the listener's services by buying more used records for 6: am to 6: pm airplay.

Still feel horrible for those countless folks who pledged the Seven Grand.

All for the crime of being promised and actually anticipating more of the same.

It'd be like WHYY TV 12, the Delaware Valley's primary PBS affiliate taking the listener's cash for Sesame Street programming then choosing independently of all conventional wisdom to become Telemundo or even MTV.

Feeling a bit like Martin Luther and his 95 Thesis my own self, it's a bit interesting to ponder if the same energy that the overthrow committee had used in foiling our efforts (with signing up children and largely disinterested retirees for voting privileges) had been directed into investigating the township's Police Chief who bizarrely enough, had just one flight up been charged with molesting children, what would that nascent precursor to AAA (Album Adult Alternative) radio be doing in 2005?

And that's not to mention the unwaranted victims of the (yuck)long arm of the law.

Finally, you've mentioned privately that there's not much recollection of Steve Capus ( at WCSD) who of course had become Tom Brokaw's producer before landing the # 2 spot at NBC's 'Nightly News With Brian Williams'.

We was just another slow talking teenager who nuzzled a seat on the Board of Directors in between hitting the books at Temple University.

Maybe we should all upgrade to Podcasting after all. Transfer to Mp3 format and 'Praise The Lord' I always say.

Paul Mick

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 5:47:00 AM  

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